Sea Satin Market Mykonos

Sea Satin Market Mykonos - The Greek Restaurant

Modern night culture meets a typical / so Greek experience
Under the windmills
Right under the windmills, Sea Satin Market seems to be floating in the bay of Myconos and represents the most genuine, Greek-gourmet tavern of the island by serving freshier-than-you-expect seafood, “garnished” with the sound of the most fun Greek music.

Chic, homemade and genuine Greek
Choose your fish by yourself – than enjoy the exciting grilling procedure on the spot. Oysters, mussels, clams, scallops, lobster and shrimps, as well as the delicious T-Bone steak and tenderloin, they are all served in a most imaginative way!
Don’t forget to taste our homemade “taramosalata” (made of fishroe), the home-cut and fried potatoes and our vegetables (boiled, fried or grilled) farmed in our Myconian gardens and flavoured with sea salt from the saltpits of Mani in Peloponnese.

Listen, taste, feel and be part of the feast
Last but not least, lift up your culinary senses by trying the famous “loukoumades” (fried honey puffs) served with honey and icecream! And all these followed by the most fun greek music compilation which will certainly … lift you up … even on the table!
Sea Satin Market became –and signifies- the classic choice for “fresh fish and fun”!