Caprice Bar Mykonos

The bar

Caprice bar Mykonos: generations of love

Caprice bar, registered from “Newsweek” magazine among the 10 best bars worldwide, is located in the most beautiful district of Mykonos, in Little Venice.

The traditional architecture, the recognizable at first sight palette of colors, the unique flower and fruits arrangements in its characteristic clay vases, the paintings and the mirrors, the famous and innovative fruit sticks which decorate the legendary Caprice cocktails, the wisely iced shots, the unexpected, updated and …timeless signature music, the spontaneous sifting and warm, erotic atmosphere.

All these compose the phenomenon called Caprice. And above all the feeling of belonging. The valid.. forecast that something magical will happen. And so it has. Every night for the last 30 years !
From the magical sunset until the crack of dawn, Caprice bar is the place to be.